Record Room Door

Unique Non-conducting fire-resisting compound for insulation against intense heat.

Fire and Burglary Resistant Record Room Doors are especially developed for record rooms to protect valuable and irreplaceable records.


Multibend door frame fabricated from prime steel and suitable reinforced along its periphery

Eight holdfasts provided on the frame for solid anchoring with the record room wall

Strong Room door type construction of the door slab with vital door elements protected by special hammer-and-drill-resisting plates

Bolting achieved by 4 shooting bolts at the front end, with additional 4 solid bolts welded to the lock case on the hinged side

Lined with Godrej unique Non-conducting fire-resisting compound for insulation against intense heat

A well-designed grill gate secured with Godrej high precision 8-lever Dual Control lock operable from both sides is provided

High quality nitro-cellulose paint is applied in char brown colour with stipple finish

Superior anti-rust pre-treatment for durability and paint retention

Optionally, a record room door with a left hand opening can also be provided. The grille gate can also be provided with an alternative opening.


Banks, Private Safe Deposit Vaults, Financial Institutions, Offices, Factories and Warehouses, Broker, Refineries, Allied Industries, Post Offices, Jewellers.

Locking system

Bolt work secured by 2 high-precision dual control Godrej locks.

Optionally, a Godrej 3-wheel or 4-wheel combination lock can also be provided.

Automatic dead-locking device to prevent forced displacement of the lock by crow-bar, sledge hammer etc.

Optionally a time lock arrangement can also be provided.





Suitable for wall thickness

230 -305

9 – 12

Overall size(front frame)

2065 * 1020

81.5 * 40

Overall size(rear frame)

1985 * 940

78 * 37

Clear opening

1880 * 775

74 * 30.5

Thickness of door with lock case



Thickness of door slab



Thickness of lock & vital part



Net weight with grill gate